Guiado Por Voces

Aquí está, Guided by voices para la primera vez en puro español. Mi intento fue a traducir las canciones no palabra por palabra, pero en una manera que preserva como suenan líricamente. Hubo que reducir y extender las silabas en varios lugares para que no saliera como una salada de frutas. Eso requería que yo […]

El Basurero Del Corrido

“El Rey del Corrido dices?” “El basurero del corrido digo” Pues no tenemos nada de Chalino porque nadie lo tira en la basura porque valen cienes de dólares porque casi no existen. Mi recomendación a todos que están aprendiendo español como segundo idioma, escuchar a Chalino Sanchez. ¿Por qué? Porque aprender un idioma es una […]

Corridos: Pura verdad o mentira viciosa

A mí me gustan los corridos Porque son los hechos reales de nuestro pueblo Sí, a mí también me gustan, porque en ellos se canta la pura verdad Pues ponlos, pues, – ¡órale, ahí va! Así empieza el álbum el jefe de jefes por los tigres del norte. Pero, debemos creer la palabra de los […]

What Latin Music is cool for kids to listen to

What Latin Music is cool for kids to listen to in 2021? It’s a little something called Latin Jazz. What is not cool for kids to listen to? Its Polka. Unless you’re like us iconoclasts at Landfill Rescue Unit. Here at LRU we have recently come across some albums by Norteno greats Ramon Ayala y […]

Battle of the bands

In the red corner, possibly hailing from Akron Ohio I’m pleased to announce THE HUMBARD FAMILY SINGERS. Weighing in at a combined weight of just under 200 pounds these cherubic darlings deliver an overproduced impassioned version of the classic “This Little Light Of Mine” . Susan, Mikey, Suzanna, Missy, Rex the III, and Donna Sue were obviously […]

I’m into older chicks, mostly

she sure does. I wouldn’t normally get so excited about chanteussery of this sort. I don’t know why i picked it up at all. The mildew and/or mold on the cover should have been STRIKE ONE, it was among a cluster of LP’s that were starting to combine. there are many things as saddening to […]

no, i didn’t write this on the way to nursery school

first off, i’m going to make an admission. I did not find this at a thrift shop. I initially wanted this forum to center very specifically around items i brought home from a day’s outing at the junk shops. In fact, and in an ideal disc0paul world, it would have been only gut bustingly funny […]

Public service

One wonders to oneself why one would bother even picking this up. One saw it, sitting there, with the other 5 or 6 similarly themed singles and one felt like, “maybe?.. how entertaining could this possibly be…no…not even for a quarter”. Then one feels in his pocket for change and realizes there is no quarter. […]

Punk, huh

“..we were rockers before we became Christians. We weren’t Christians who then became rockers.” Could’ve fooled me. I was going to save this LP for a post compiling several instances of christian recording artists co-opting various musical genre’s to serve their particular ministry. You know…Stryper for the 80’s hair metal set…Switchfoot butchering 90’s indie/grunge.. Jars […]

Smokin’ Pot, Takin’ Pills and Eatin’ LSD

I don’t think i know enough about Teen Challenge Ministries (though I know all the information i could ever want is just a short goog away). I bought this record for a buck at Teen Challenge Thrift store in portland about a year ago. the little gingerbread man stomping the rubber stoppered syringe on the […]

Up Do

“Oh that Apostolic hair!  One of the first things someone notices about a sister in Pentecost is her hair!  Our hair is our glory and we maintain it as an act of love for our creator, Jesus!” wow. i always wondered about those wonderful up-do’s. Can i get a late pass? 40 years through this […]